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– Thanks for the ART-meditations on different themes, they really give me a lot.
– Thanks for a very powerful and rewarding Guided Experience of Forgiveness.
– I use the Energy purification/Space clearing when I need to focus on my writing. I spray at home every time before I sit down and write, to get rid of the thoughts and emotions that might otherwise distract me.
– My mom takes the EnergyUnion Droplets and also does Energy purification/Space clearing. The grief process that she is going through ismuch smoother than we expecteded.
– For several years I have used energy droplets of different brands, including the Bach flower remedies. I think EnergyUnion is the most transforming and powerful of them all. They help me more smoothly through what happens in life.
– My husband has taken the droplets (EnergyUnion) for a few weeks. The other day he commented that he was not at all as stressed anymore, as he had been before. And there is nothing that he does differently than taking the EnergyUniion.
The funny thing is that he does what the EnergyUnion droplets are. He gets them from me in his morning tea.
– Since I started to listen to your clearings, I have increased my integrity and self-esteem.