Price: 50 SEK/Energy Purification/Space Clearing & capsule
280 SEK/EnergyUnion droplets & bottle
What: Capsule, Bottle
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The Energy Purification/Space Clearing comes in capsules and the EnergyUnion droplets in a bottle. They last about a month each. The dosage of EnergyUnion is 1-10 droplets, 1-2 times / day. Choose between salt and brandy as preservative in the droplets.
– Energy Purification/Space Clearing, 50 SEK/capsule

– EnergyUnion droplets, 280 SEK/bottle



Research done by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has shown that water carries information. The energetic structure of water changes depending on what thoughts and emotions the water has been exposed to. In fact all water holds energetic imprints of thoughts and emotions. Maybe you’ve already seen Emoto´s famous photos of different shaped snowflakes that show this.
The fact that water carries information is an opportunity that we have developed further in our products Energy Purification/Space Clearing and the Energy Droplets. It is an art to produce water with selected information. The first step is to energetically purify the water from the unwanted information. We then add the desirable information. After that the information gets stabilized so that it remains while keeping other information away. Both the Energy Purification/Space Clearing and the Energy Droplets are produced this way.
The Energy Purification/Space Clearing and the Energy Droplets are manufactured by Marija who has powerful focusing ability. This way only the intended information is transferred to the Energy Purification/Space Clearing and the Energy droplets. The entire process takes place during deep meditation.
Energy Purification/Space Clearing
We all clean and tidy our homes, but have you considered that you may need to clean out the thoughts and emotions that are in a room? The energy of a room is largely influenced by the people who have been there before. Remaining in the room, after the person has left, is an energetic part of the persons thoughts and emotions. These energetic remaining will affect other people staying in the room.
Energy Purification/Space Clearing is the knowledge of how to purify the remaining thoughts and emotions of a room. The Energy Purification/Space Clearing raises the quality of the energies in the room. The room gets purified from energetically heavy and stagnant energies. The ancient knowledge of Space Clearing has been remembered and used among our indigenous peoples. Traditionally Space Clearing is done with a special type of sage which produces smoke and also smells a lot.
With the Space Clearing that we have developed here at you get all the advantages of the traditional Space Clearing without the smoke and smell from the sage. Our Space Clearing is easy to use and great in purifying energies. With the capsule that you buy, you can make special water that you use for Space Clearing. You put the water in a spray bottle and spray in the rooms you want to purify. In this way, the energies of thoughts and emotions gets cleaned out, and the energies now left in the room are harmonious. This Space Clearing is so easy to use that you can use it every day. The energies in the capsule hold for at least a month. During this time, you can do as much Space Clearing as you want.
The Energy droplets help the body’s energy system to once again become powerful and harmonious. Blockages in our energy system will be created during our life. Then our energy will no longer smoothly be transported around in the entire body. These energy blockages are made of unprocessed and often suppressed thoughts and emotions that we have put at stock inside. The Energy droplets dissolve these energy blockages so that the energy can run smoothly in our body again.
The Energy Union droplets can to some extent be compared to the flower remedies containing energies from flowers to achieve harmony within, for example Bach flower remedies. The difference is that EnergyUnion does not contain energies from flowers, but contains energies that aim to dissolve energy blockages in the form of unprocessed thoughts and emotions.
The droplets seem to work on the thoughts and emotions that we have on the unconscious level, as well as the conscious level. The droplets can also help you to see and understand a situation in a different way than before. Then it might be easier to change a behavior. The droplets can support us in expanding our consciousness beyond present limits. We will come more and more in contact with ourselves. If you want help in a smooth way with your personal development, the energy droplets might be a good choice. They will support you in processing in a smooth way.
When dissolving energy blockages in this way, harmony usually increases. When we don´t have any unprocessed thoughts and emotions, we are naturally harmonious and at ease with ourselves and our life.
The drops contain: Water. As a preservative used in any of the following: salt, colloidal silver or brandy. Energy drops contain energies that solves thoughts, emotions and energy patterns. The drops are not categorized as drugs, without food, and production is approved by the municipality.
The physical ingredients of the droplets are water and as a preservative Himalayan salt or brandy is used. You pick your choice. The energetic ingredients of the droplets are the frequencies of EnergyUnion.
The droplets are not categorized as drugs. They are categorized as food, and the production is approved by local authorities.
The dosage is 1-10 drops, 1-2 times/day. The dropletss can be taken in a cold or warm drink (not coffee or alcohol). Drink when you have a moment for relaxation. In case of emotional
emergency 10 droplets can be taken directly in the mouth. Hold them for a while under the tongue before swallowing.