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20 SEK/introduction “Your Wish is Your Command”
760 SEK/course “Your Wish is Your Command”
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Lectures, courses & books
– Book: Emotional Magic, author Marija Stråt

– Introduction Lecture (CD & File), 40 minutes
“Your Wish is Your Command”

– Course: “Your Wish is Your Command,
How to manifest your desires”, 13 discs.
The course is delivered as CD’s and also
you have the option to download the course as files.
(Introductory lecture and the course are in English.)

The Lectures and courses that are available here are more interesting, inspiring and evolving than what you normally find in society.
The Magic of Emotion is written by Marija Stråt. It is in Swedish. The book is about the enthrallment the emotions have on us. All of us would like more love, happiness, passion, joy and serenity in our lives. We would love to have those emotions all the time. And then we have these other emotions. The once that we avoid. That we don´t want to experience.
The magic of the emotions is that the negative and annoying emotions can be transformed. They can transform to harmony. It can be hard to see and understand that the emotions can transform to harmony when in mourning or in anger. It does not seem or feel that way. In this book Marija explains how and why the emotions can be transformed. Hopefully this might come in handy for you as a reader. No one can avoid setbacks or stress in life. We can´t get a vaccination against those emotions that bothers us. When you understand emotions, you can more resourcefully take care of the emotions and situations that are inconvenient for you.
The book is in the format A4, with a spiral binder and about 100 pages.
Your Wish is Your Command is an interesting and inspiring course in English, which is held by Kevin Trudeau from GIN The Global Information Network. . We recommend this course because it is special. The course is about how you can use your energy to create what you want in life. Among other things Kevin is a successful businessman of many companies and he is also a best-selling author of numerous books. The course is exciting, interesting and inspiring about creating what you want in your life. You may already have heard about the Law of Attraction. Your Wish is Your Command is more special and valuable than the Secret, because it gives you a more fully and deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction. So prepare for surprises and your success.
The Introductory disc is 40 minutes and the course itself Your Wish is Your Command – How to manifest your desires, contains 13 discs.
Lectures and courses that Marija has designed and produced are going to be recorded in a format that fits the web shop and will be available in the future.