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About us & the Background
At we want to give you access to more of your energy and also that your energy will also be able to get a higher quality. It should be easy to strengthen their inner power and feel more harmonious.
Here at we offer you practical energy psychology in an easily accessible manner. We have unique products that received many accolades from clients and participants in courses, lectures and at meditation evenings. The webshop makes it practically possible for more people to take part of the transforming ART meditations, the Guided Experiences, the Clearings and Activations, the lectures and courses as well as energy drops and the energy purification. has been around since 2010. Founder is Marija Strat. She is a trained behavioral scientist at Karlstad University, and has also a basic psychotherapy training from NITS. The last twelve years have Marija has specialized herself in the field of Energy Psychology. Energy Psychology is interesting and exciting because the root cause of a problem is dissolved. Marija has been an apprenticed to, and inspired by, the precursors in the field of energy psychology, such as Brandon Bays, Gary Craig, Joshua Bloom, Byron Katie, Dain Heer among others.
One can use energy psychology in many areas: a behavior you want to change, thoughts or feelings that are stressful or uncomfortable, as well as physical problems or ailments. Once the root cause of a problem is resolved, the body is in balance and its self-healing ability functions again. Marija has with Energy Psychology helped herself to get rid of longstanding symptoms of allergy and asthma. She is well now and has fulfilled her dream of learning to ride horses.
You can meet Marija in person in Karlstad, at her clinic Viljam – for energy, harmony and happiness.
Clients from the south and from the north parts of the country come here and even clients from Norway to get more energy, harmony and happiness in their lives.
Marija are happy to share her vast experience and knowledge. Among other things she does this through inspiring and transformational classes and lectures as well as liberating and invigorating ART meditations. Clients and participants have asked for more. More of ART meditations, Guided Experiences, Clearings and Activations, lectures and courses, as well as energy drops and energy purification.
That’s why is now available on the Internet. We are here for you, to enhance your inner power and increase your harmony.