Here you can read our view about
thoughts and emotions and how they affect us
We all want to feel as good as possible
How we feel is influenced by a variety of things. Both outside and inside ourselves. The thoughts and emotions we experience, has a major impact on how we feel. They affect our moods, the amount of energy we have available and also how our body feels.
Sometimes it can feel like we can’t control our emotions and thoughts, that they live their own lives within us. It may seem that they control us and we just have to abide by their swings.
To deal with this, it is beneficial to know more about thoughts and emotions. Maybe you have not even thought about what thoughts and emotions really are, or where they come from from.
The inner harmony
If you know more about the thoughts and emotions you understand that you need multiple and complementary, ways to manage them. It is often surprisingly easy to get in touch with the inner harmony, power and strength again. Even though it might not feel that way!
It is easy because the inner harmony, power and strength are part of the basic human emotions. It’s actually joy, creativity, love, inner power, strength and harmony that is most natural for us all to feel. When you are in your natural emotional state you have plenty of energy and your energy is of high quality.
You are happy, harmonious, creative and strong.
Here at we want to give you the opportunity to experience more of these wonderful emotions and thoughts. To get an understanding of how this is possible, it is efficient to know that there are several reasons, and not just one cause, that you are experiencing thoughts and emotions.
Thoughts and emotions – what is they?
Since you can not see the thoughts and emotions, or hear them, it is not possible to locate where they actually come from. Thoughts and emotions are nothing physically, you can’t touch them, but you know they are there because you can feel them in your body.
Thoughts and emotions are wavelengths of energy. Joy is an energy that vibrates in a specific way and thus has a certain wavelength. Grief feels differently because it has another vibration, a different wavelength.
Your body perceive the vibration of thoughts and emotions. As you feel the vibrations in your body, move your probably the erroneous conclusion that thoughts and emotions are yours.
But far from all the thoughts and emotions that you feel is yours. Some are actually just those that you perceive with your body. They don’t emit from you. They exist outside of you.
A small comparison
It’s easier to understand if we compare with something else that works the same way, for example you can´t touch or see a scent either. Imagine you perceive a scent of fried meatballs. Just because you can smell it, does not mean that it is you who cook meatballs. It is the same with sound. Just because you hear a sound, such as a sneeze, does not mean that it is you who created the sound.
Sounds and smells are also wavelengths of energy. These wavelengths are something that you perceive with your body. It is the same as thing with thoughts and emotions. Sometimes the thoughts and emotions emit from you. But even if they come from you, they don´t need not be lengthy. Other times they come from somewhere else, or someone else. Then they are just something you perceive or feel with your body.
– Your thoughts and emotions come from connections, like mental and emotional threads, that you make when you connect to others.
– The thoughts and emotions you have also depends on where in the body you have your attention.
– You are also exposed to energy residues from others that affect what you think and feel.
– During your life you have put thoughts and emotions at stock inside yourself, which affect what you think and feel ahead in life.
– You also have obstacles in the way that prevents or weakens your perception of the positive and invigorating feelings.
Depending on what´s causing your thoughts and emotions, you need to act in different ways, to re-connect with the strengthening and lovely thoughts and emotions in your life.
We capture thoughts and emotions from people we recently met, whether we know the people or not. We also capture the thoughts and emotions of people who are emotionally close to us, even though we have not recently met them. Many of the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel in everyday life are actually those that you caught from others. You can picture them as threads of thoughts and threads of emotions between you and the persons you recently met, and between you and those that are emotionally close to you. You simply start thinking the same thoughts and feel the same emotions as those people.
You might think that it is positive and desirable to have such threads between people. That it is something that brings together and unites. But what we usually pick up from each other are emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, shame, irritation, despair, hopelessness, loneliness and anxiety.
Often do we not even realize that we have these connections to others, because what we think and feel seems quite normal for the situation we are in. An easy way to see if your thoughts and emotions are just threads to others, is to do the Guided Experience The Tent that you can find here on our web shop. The Tent is easy to do and often you’ll notice immediately the difference. It often becomes pleasantly quiet and comfortable in your head and you feel peaceful. You may need to do The Tent again, to dissolve the new connections that you continue to create for other people. Do The tent if you have hard time relaxing, if you can’t sleep or feel that there is a lot of chatter going on in your head. When using The tent you’re likely soon in touch with your inner harmony again.
Have you ever thought about where in your body you have your attention in everyday life? It matters. Your thoughts and emotions you have, actually depends on where in your body that you have your attention. If you have your attention far down in the body, your body will automatically gain its balance again. You feel naturally energetic and harmonious. When you have your attention in your head, you experience more stress and feelings of anger, despair and anxiety. Do the Guided Experience Contact with body, and experience what impact it has on your wellbeing, to have your attention far down in the body.
Thoughts and emotions that you feel, can also come from the environment you are in. This will be easier to understand if you think about thoughts and emotions as energies. People who spend time in a room, or in a place leave emotional and cognitive footprints of energy there, in energy. The people who go there afterwards, feel consciously or unconsciously, of these impressions. We don’t usually think of this explanation. This, however, is ancient knowledge, which is still preserved among our indigenous peoples. To avoid being influenced by other people’s thoughts and emotions in this way, we can “clean” energies, called Energy Purification/Space Clearing. How much difference you notice after the Space Clearing differs from person to person. If you are sensitive, you often notice thath your thoughts and emotions become more positive, you experience more harmony, a feeling of relief and that it is easier to focus on what you want. Here at we have developed a good Energy Purification/Space Clearing which is also easy and convenient to use.
Often we think that our experiences in the form of thoughts and emotions disappear just because time passes. passes. The reason that it might feel better after a while is not because time has passed. It feels better because the stressful event has been processed. We naturally process emotions when writing or talking with others. When we process stressful emotions and thoughts, they transform and become less burdensome.
If you are not able to process an stressful event, the thoughts and feelings from the experience’s remains inside of you. They are in stock. It is not always we notice that they are still there, as they often are in our subconscious. But they affect us anyway. They show up later on in various ways. You can notice them when you quickly gets very angry, feels overwhelmed by grief, shame, guilt, is irritated, scared or worried. It may be labeled as an over-react to situations and that a person is sensitive to stress. With unprocessed
thoughts and emotions inside, we simply can not enjoy life as we would like.
Just because we have thoughts and emotions on stock inside, does not mean we have to put with them forever. Energy drops can help to dissolve stored thoughts and emotions. They are like the flower drops, but does not contain frequencies from flowers. Energy drops contains frequencies that help to dissolve stored thoughts and emotions, which are like energy blockages in our body. It differs how people experience Energy drops. Some people feel that they more easily get through the stresses they are in, others feel they can see the situation that they are in from a distance which helps them see other ways to handle the situation, and some feel that they are less stressed and instead more harmonious.
The Guided Experience of Forgiveness also helps to process the stored thoughts and emotions, so that they become less in both amount and strength. To forgive is something you do for your own sake. You don’t forgive becasue someone else says that you should or must. You forgive to get access to more of your energy and experience more harmony in your life. When you listen to the Guided Forgiveness, you can benefit from focusing on a particular person or a certain event. You can also benefit from forgiving yourself. The Guiding of Forgiveness is constructed so that it dissolves the unprocessed feelings and emotions related to a person or an event.
Clearing is also a method that helps to dissolve stored thoughts and emotions. We all have thoughts and emotions, both conscious and non-conscious that prevent or hinder us in life. When making clearings one experiences more harmony and ease around the topic that has been cleared.
Another great way to process thoughts and emotions afterwards is with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is a good and effective method in the field of energy psychology. You can see a therapist who is well experienced in EFT to help you with processing your stored emotions an thoughts. We also strongly recommend that you learn EFT yourself, as it is a good self-help method. Then you will have efficient tools at hand for processing during emergencies and other emotionally overwhelming situations. In this way you will help yourself with what is stressful and soon reconnect with your inner power, strength and harmony again.
We all have things that are in the way and dampen the experience of what is invigorating and positive in our lives. It makes us holding back in life, not enjoying or taking part of life as we would really like.
ART-meditations The purpose o ART-meditaions is to deepen the contact with the positive and desirable in life. The meditation does so in two ways. The first is that it removes what is in the way of the positive. It is about our thoughts, emotions and beliefs about what is possible and how we can and should behave. Most of it does not originally come from ourselves. Often it is others who has said something, which we thought we had to abide by. The meditation helps to dissolve this, so it disappears.. The second way that the ART meditation function, is that it activates and strengthens the positive and desirable. Listen to a few different themes and see how you feel and experience more of the positive and strengthening of in your life.
What also might be in the way for us to perceive the positive in our lives is our habit to think and feel a certain way, which can limit us. Clearings and Activations can be of great help. The Clearing removes the negative and restrictive, while the Activations moves the focus to what you want, what is desirable for you. At you will find them in combination with each other, so you can connect with more new opportunities in life and feel energetic and strong.